Update on Kaldenberg's PBS Landscaping

Due to Covid 19, we have implemented the following procedures:
  1. The office door will be locked. We have implemented procedures here at the office that will allow our employees to have access to anything they need without coming into the office. 

  2. Clients and vendors, please call the office or my cell phone. If you need to drop something off, you can put it in our mailbox and call to let us know it is there. 

  3. Appointments.  These can be done 1 of 3 ways.  For the safety of both of us, I will not be going into houses.

    1.  I will take your information and look at what you want to be done and then call you with any questions.  

    2. We can schedule an appointment and you can stay in the house and I will call you and we can talk while I walk around your property.

    3. We can walk around outside together while we keep the social distancing recommendation in place.

  4. Irrigation- sometimes we have to go inside your house.  If we must go inside then we can reschedule the appointment or we can have you be in another room, at which time we will enter your residence. If we do have to come in, our employees will be wearing gloves.

  5. All trucks/equipment that get used will be sanitized thru out the day.  The same employee must drive/operate the same equipment for the day, if they must switch then it must get sanitized before operating. 

  6. Employees will be allowed to drive their own vehicles to job sites.

  7. Employees will wear gloves at all times.

  8. Before we begin jobs on your property we will contact you to make sure it is still ok for us to begin. 

  9. Our employees will work in small groups and will keep social distancing in mind as they perform their jobs.

We want to keep the safety of our clients and employees in mind as we navigate thru these difficult times.  We will update any procedures as they are needed.  We appreciate your business and we will get thru this together.


We know what grows best in Iowa because we're from Iowa. Locally owned and operated- we are a full service landscaping and lawn care company. Everything you need from lawn care & landscape design to water features, tree planting, irrigation, and snow removal.


The tree I bought from Kaldenberg's PBS Landscaping is awesome. I can't wait for the leaves to return this year. Wonder what I should plant from Kaldenberg's PBS Landscaping next.  Maybe a bush?

--Jay Huschka
Matt Kaldenberg and his staff are wonderful. They take care of me and my family year round.
Snow removal, tree planting, raking, mowing, flower beds and more. My office or my home.
They're my friends and should be yours too!


--Scott Casber